I have ordered an SSL certificate or I have renewed my SSL certificate, but it does not look to be active

Our SSL certificates are provided by GlobalSign, and upon purchase, they send an authorisation email to confirm the certificate's creation. This email is always sent to [email protected][YOURDOMAIN]. The exception to this is if you order the SSL for a sub-domain, that is not "www". So you may for example choose the sub-domain of "secure" and in this case the email will be sent to [email protected][YOURDOMAIN] If this email is not responded to, we will be unable to install the certificate for you, Make sure you have the mailbox set up, and that it can receive mail. If you have already purchased a certificate, and the [email protected] mailbox did not exist at the time, please contact our support department, we will be able to re-send the email for you. We will automatically install certificates you purchase from us, no manual work is required. However, if the certificate is newly set up, please note that a DNS update is required. This will point your chosen subdomain (e.g. at your new, unique IP address. If you are currently making use of external nameservers, you can view the unique IP address assigned to your domain by accessing our DNS management page, the IP will be stored there. This applies to all SSL certificates sold on our shared platform. 

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